Golf Instruction

We offer private lessons by appointment, as well as clinics throughout the year. We can also design special lesson programs for you, your friends or your business to fit your needs.

Every person brings with them a combination of unique physical tools, personality and expectations or reasons for receiving instruction. Our goal is to adapt to these and help you exceed our expectations!

  • Private lessons by appointment for all ability levels
  • Clinics- given at various times throughout the year.
  • Free member clinics
  • Jr clinics and camps- weekly clinics through the school year and multi-day camps held during the summer and school breaks.
  • Private development programs for all ages and ability levels 
  • Advanced jr. coaching program- to prepare middle school and older kids for high school teams and competitions. Many are playing now!
  • Personalized golf school instruction- Special programs designed by you, specifically for you, your business or friends that fit your needs.
  • Beginners- specially priced series of lessons designed to build a solid foundation.
  • Playing lessons
  • Equipment services
  • Flight Scope 3D Doppler Launch monitor
  • Gift Certificates are available, can be (e) mailed and credit cards are accepted, an experience they will remember!

Upcoming Clinics

Dates & Topics    Equipment Needed
9/23 - Lag Putting    Putter
9/28 - Driver    Driver
9/30 - Chipping    Sand Wedge
10/5 - Short Irons    8 Iron
10/7 - Setup    7 Iron
10/12 - Fairway Woods    3 Wood
10/14 - Bunker Shots    Sand Wedge
10/19 - Hybrids    Hybrid
10/21 - Pre-shot Routine     7 Iron
10/26 - Pitch Shots    Sand Wedge

Who's Teaching?

We'll allow our Director of Instruction to introduce himself...

Jeff Peterson

I'm Jeff Peterson, PGA Director of Instruction at DeBary Country Club. I was an accomplished junior player and went on to play collegiate in MN. Golf took me south, where I played various mini- tours in the area. I had the pleasure of playing and practicing with PGA tour players. I received instruction from a Bay Hill champion who, along with others, influenced my perception of the golf swing.

Every shot has 3 requirements. Ball striking, distance, direction. A good instructor should be able to explain to the person what they are doing now, what they ought to do, why it is correct, and the result it will produce, while working very hard to get the person to understand. Every person brings with them a combination of unique physical tools, personality, and expectations. As a Coach, I adapt to these and blend them with a swing model based on ball flight laws and swing principals, with proven preferences. Together we work toward the goals that we believe can be accomplished.

As a son of a HOF High School Coach, I have been around coaching and sports all my life. I have over 30 years of experience and have given over 30,000 lessons. I have had the pleasure of working with all ability levels to developing top ranked juniors who have received scholarships and made it to the Tour. A Class-A 14 PGA member I continue to educate myself by attending numerous seminars by some of the best and well-known instructors of the game. I was a participant at the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit and am on the PGA Presidents Council.

DeBary Golf & Country Club
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DeBary, FL 32713